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Short Paragraph on Music and its Importance

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Aug 29,  · No, Tansen was not a Guitar manufacturer.

Tansen : B-33036 Bass Guitar

In fact during his times there probably were no guitars. Tansen (–) was a North Indian musician, believed to be the greatest of all time. He was instrumental in creating the classical style of North Indian music as we know it jkaireland.com: Resolved. The song of Tansen at Akbar’s court brought about a heavy shower and kindled a fire.

Music not only rouses various feelings but also quiets the worried and wearied soul. Conclusion: We can play a musical instrument. Alternatively, we can listen to a song according to our mood or choice.

Either way, music enhances our lives in many ways. TANSEN: HS ELECTRIC GUITAR - Cousins Nigeria Limited - Musical Instruments. Alabama is a soft-rock/ bluegrass/ American country band from Fort Payne, Alabama. The lineup that the band held for most of its career consists of Mark Herndon, Jeff Cook, Randy Owen and Teddy Gentry.

Write about tansen guitar
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