What would you change about your hometown essay

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what would you change in your hometown?

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Pollution is one of the major problem that every person is facing in my hometown. I live in a big city in Visakhapatnam, where pollution is the major cause for many diseases. If i get the chance to change one thing about my home town i would like to take certain measures to reduce pollution and make my home town pollution free.

Teenagers nowadays live in an environment that is exposed to high technology.

TOEFL Essay 006: What would you change about your hometown?

This includes the prevalent access to the Internet, the use of special gadgets such as the cellular phone, palm top computers, electrical organizers, and the like, all of which makes communicating with.

Essay topics: what would you change in your hometown? Submitted by munira ab on Fri, 12/20/ - Indonesia has a lot of Island which have kind of city. Essay 1: Today, everything seems to change in split seconds. But, there is something that still lacks in every soul that resides in my hometown.

Jun 12,  · Check out our top Free Essays on My Hometown to help you write your own Essay. jkaireland.com Join Now! A Change in My Life. Essay: My hometown introduction I introduce my hometown to you. I live in Kumamoto in Japan. Dec 06,  · Descriptive Essay Example: My Hometown Is Still in My Heart.

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