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4 basic things to know about bonds

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bond issue

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Bond (finance)

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Definition of bond issue: A debt instrument issued by government agencies or corporations to raise money. The issuer must pay a fixed amount each year.

Definition of bond issue: A debt instrument issued by government agencies or corporations to raise money. The issuer must pay a fixed amount each year. 4 basic things to know about bonds.

Why Companies Issue Bonds

Eric Fontinelle Prepayment risk is the risk that a given bond issue will be paid off earlier than expected, normally through a call provision.

Official Statement Distributor for Municipal Bond Offerings. Warning! This site is best viewed with a modern browser. Please use Chrome, Firefox, Safari or IE 9 or higher. Issue size – The issue size of a bond offering is the number of bonds issued multiplied by the face value.

For example, if an entity issues two million bonds with a $ face price, the issue size is $ million dollars. A bond issue as it applies to ballots is when a state government, or a local unit of government (city, county, school district), places a question before the voters as a ballot measure, asking them to approve or deny additional proposed spending.

About bond issue
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